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My Essential Recipe Labels - First Response

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CAD$ 4.95

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These bright & colourful recipe labels include a sheet of 10 labels and matching bottle top stickers. These sheets also contain stickers for Kids & Babies blends, as well as extra bottle top stickers for giving out samples of the blends. Labels fit on our 5 ml and 10 ml roller bottles as well as 15 ml essential oil bottles*.

Labels: Tummy Tamer, Fever Reliever, Ear Relief, Expectorant, Cough Soother, Skin Solutions, Flu Stopper, Immune Booster, Aches & Pains and Bruise Blend.

*Recipes are written for 10 ml roller bottles. Adjust the recipes according to the size bottle you are using.

NOTE: This option is for the recipe labels ONLY. There is a discounted option in the Labels section of the website for the Label and Recipe Card together.

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