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FRENCH Guide d'utilisation des huiles essentielles (In Revision, Expected late Sept)

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Description française à venir bientôt

NOW IN FRENCH!!!! This CANADIAN booklet is a necessary resource for new or experienced essential oils users. Perfect to accompany classes or hand out as a reference guide. This new booklet contains clear content on conditions, oil usage, 69 single oil descriptions and essential oils blends. Also containing sections on 'carrier oils', 'safety', 'pregnancy', 'labour and birth', 'postpartum', 'babies', 'children', 'limbic system', 'diffusers', diffuser recipes', 'roller bottle recipes', ' the limbic system' and ''emotions chart' . You are getting the quickest, easiest 36 pages of  excellent essential oil information. Whether you are teaching a class or raising a family, you’ll value the information and convenience of this booklet.

Available in singles, packages of 10 or 50.

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