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EO2GO 50 pc Sample Kit

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When you represent the premium essential oils on the market, shouldn’t your samples look the part?  Sampling is the most crucial step in sharing the oils, yet the current process is clumsy and not on par with the quality product we love.  The EO2GO sampling system creates beautiful, professional samples so you can elegantly share oils with others.  The patented suction droppers make creating a sample lightning fast without the need to count out individual drops of oil.  The glass vials showcase the oil with greater visual appeal and the card delivery system is convenient, informative and attractive - which all leads to a greater likelihood your contacts will want to learn more about the oils.


  • 5 patent pending EO2GO droppers
  • 50 glass vials and caps
  • 50 sample cards
    • 10 Lavender
    • 10 Orange
    • 10 Lemon
    • 10 Peppermint
    • 10 Digestive Blend
  • How To Use Guide

Watch a video on how this system works HERE.


16cm x 12cm x 7cm (LxWxH)

*15ml Cobalt Blue Essential Oil Bottle is sold separately.

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